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Trump Spox Accuses Rachel Maddow of Being in the Pay of MSNBC News

‘Rachel Maddow and her Jewish friends will be among the first to go when the liberal genocide begins’ – Sara Hukabee Sanders

WASHINGTON DC – Trump spokesman Sara Huckabee Sanders today accused TV commentator Rachel Maddow of being “directly or indirectly in the pay of the liberal, left-leaning MSNBC news organization.”

Rachel MaddowSanders noted that “Madcow Maddow,” a self-confessed lesbian with “a so-called PhD from some elitist foreign university called Oxford,” has recently “deliberately embarrassed President Trump” by exposing the deep financial and political ties between him and Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.”

“She is also clearly a Jew in spirit if not in fact,” Sanders added, “which is even worse. Either way, she and her Semitic friends at MSNBC will be among the first to be rounded up when the liberal genocide begins.”

Rachel Maddow’s recent shock revelations include the facts that:

● Trump personally intervened to weaken the GOP’s election language condemning Russia’s intervention in the Ukraine.

● Former Trump NSA director Michael Flynn was an unregistered foreign agent during his boss’s 2016 election campaign. Flynn later bribed an FBI official to sabotage Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid.

● Attorney General Jeff Sessions lied to Congress when he claimed never to have met with Russian government ambassador Sergey Kislyak during Trump’s campaign. In fact Sessions met secretly with Kislyak at least three times.

Rachel Maddow has also raised questions about Trump’s secretive financial dealings with Azerbaijan billionaire and Transportation minister Ziya Mammadov. The transactions involve billions of rubles.

At her daily White House press conference yesterday Sanders closed tightly when responding to reporters’ questions.

“Don’t ask me,” she said. “I was not informed. Ha, ha, who can say? I don’t know. What? Nobody told me that. Who knows? That’s not my department. How should I know? Maybe, maybe not. Answering that’s above my pay grade. You’ll have to ask him. I Dunno. We dunno. No one knows.

“No further questions. Thank you.”

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Michael Egan
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