Pro-Trump Pigeons Hit Statues Hard

Statues under attack!

Who knew they had such a strong Union — but there they were marching wing to wing — but luckily I understood Pidgin!

Peter, Paul & Peggy were not shy to speak out & I translated:

“We don’t care about who won the Civil War, had slaves or conspired with Putin — we love statues, period!”

TRANSLATION:  Trump doesn’t really care about statues — he’s just deflecting!

“Car’s windshields take a back seat to statues — but we do aim for the head!”

Pidgeons Statues

TRANSLATION:  Trump-doesn’t-really-care-about-statues — as long as he gets an indoor one!

“But, the best place to drop a few are on signs that say, “Don’t Feed the Birds!”

TRANSLATION:  Trump-doesn’t-really-care-about-statues — or what’s giving us the runs!


“We pigeons are known to pass the ‘mirror test’ — the ability to recognize its own reflection in a mirror!”

TRANSLATION:  Trump-doesn’t-really-care-about-statues — but passed many a mirror & went back for seconds!

“We also have the ability to return ‘home’ and carry messages in wars!”

TRANSLATION:  Trump-doesn’t-really-care-about-statues — but dusts the Red Button every morning just to scare Gen. Kelly!

“When we soil buildings; we’re not marking our territory — we have no agenda!”

TRANSLATION:  Trump-doesn’t-really-care-about-statues — he wants Steve Bannon and the world on its knees!

“Accept that some days you’re the pigeon and some days you’re the statue!”

TRANSLATION:  Trump-doesn’t-really-care-about-statues — according to him…he’s never ever been crapped on!


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Marilyn Sands

Marilyn Sands

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