Top Ten Excuses Why Trump’s Lawyers Nix a Face-to-Face

Trump’s lawyers have a long list of excuses why he can’t make an interview with Robert Mueller — amazingly, none have to do with bone spurs!

Trump's lawyers

Since Donald Trump’s legal team said that ‘an in-person interview with Robert Mueller would set a bad precedent for future presidents and be a waste of time’ — here are 10 more reasons they’re planning to procrastinate…

10. He’ll be having the Flu.

9. Gotta wait for the Cable Guy.

8. Washes his hair on Monday, Wednesday & Friday. Tuesday & Thursday is ‘Admiring Day.’

7. Too busy deciding which Russian children to adopt.

6. Hope Hicks says he’ll be out of the office that day.

5. Putin says it would be a conflict of interest.

4. We need time to proofread his Crib Notes.

3. He’ll be too busy cutting off the ‘Jared Heads’ from his family albums.

2. Okay, but not without Novacaine.

And #1 Excuse why Trump’s lawyers nix a face-to-face…

He has to keep his ‘High Testosterone Days’ open for Stormy!

Marilyn Sands