Latest from the Humor Times Free App: ‘Rearranging the Chairs on the Trumptanic’

Now available on the Humor Times “News in Cartoons” free app, the latest edition: “Rearranging the Chairs on the Trumptanic.”

In the latest edition of the News in Cartoons Humor Times free app, titled, Rearranging the Chairs on the Trumptanic: The prez reprises his TV role with his favorite phrase, “You’re fired!,” the world’s greatest editorial cartoonists (who populate our popular Humor Times magazine with great material every single month) review the latest news in the way only political cartoonists can.

Rearranging the Chairs on the Trumptanic, cartoon by Tom Toles
Cartoon by Tom Toles.

Each edition of the News in Cartoons Humor Times app features a string of hilariously biting editorial cartoons for the reader to swipe through, strung together with narrative captions — telling each week’s recent news story in a very entertaining way.

See recent archives of the app on the website here. To see the most recent five editions, however, you’ll need to get the app!

The president is in the midst of a firing spree, and heads are rolling at the White House — even more than usual!

Like a baby king throwing a fit, Trump wants things his way, even though “his way” changes with the wind. And it doesn’t matter that he does not care to process any information that might result in better decisions — it’s almost like he’s just bored, and wants something — anything — to happen.

He needs a distraction from the Mueller probe that may be taking him down, so he’s rearranging the chairs on the Trumptanic. Of course, he also seems to relish reprising his role on Celebrity Apprentice, because he just loves to utter favorite line, “You’re fired!”

All of this and the daily onslaught of Trump Tweets and Executive Orders can be depressing. But that is where the Humor Times comes in! We present the work of the best editorial cartoonists of the day, whose insightful and probing work highlights the hypocrisy of lawmakers and celebrities alike, bringing a knowing smile and a lot of laughs to our readers. Call it “political sanity medicine.”

The News in Cartoons app also features a “bonus cartoon” each issue, as well as a funny video of the week — this week’s short being a hilarious scene from the awesome The President Show on Comedy Central.

The Humor Times “News in Cartoons” app is available only for Android phones or tablets at this time, but we hope to be rolling out an iOS versions and others soon.

It’s the FUN way to get your news!

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“For those who love political cartooning, this e-mag has the best ones, including several Pulitzer Prize winners. They mostly (but not always) lean left, but don’t spare anybody who doesn’t deserve sparing.”
John L.

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— Jim L.

Each edition is basically an excerpt from the Humor Times monthly magazine (available in print or digital format all over the world), a publication that reviews recent news stories in hilarious fashion with editorial cartoons by the finest in the business, arranged with a running narrative above each cartoon, stringing them together to tell a recent news story.

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