Easter Fell On April Fools Day This Year!

An April Fools Easter

WARNING: Not for the religiously sensitive!!!

April Fools Easter

God to the world: “He wasn’t really my son! He was adopted!… April Fool!”

Jesus as he comes out of his tomb three days later: “That wasn’t really me on the cross! It was some other guy I sold it to… April Fool!”

Judas to Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane: “I didn’t really turn you in. I just pretended to because I knew it would keep you up all night!… April Fool!”

Mary Magdalene to Jesus: “I’m really not a prostitute. I’m actually Herod’s daughter and only 14 year’s old. You are toast now!… April Fools!”

Roman guard to Jesus: “I am going to let you go because you cured my acne… April Fool! My wife just bought me some cream that does the same thing.”

Herod to Jesus: “Let me see you change my water into wine.” Jesus: “I only do card tricks actually. Get me a deck and I’ll show you some good ones!… April Fools!”

Thief on the cross next to Jesus: “I have sinned and want you to save me so I can go to heaven.” Jesus: “Sorry, I don’t do house calls!… April Fools!”

Mary Magdalene outside Christ’s tomb: “Prey, my good sir, can you tell me where they have taken Jesus’ body? It lay not here.” Gentleman: “Some guy name Frankenstein already came by and picked it up…….April Fool!”

Disciples at Gethsemane after Jesus is arrested: “I got dibs on his cloak!”… ”No me!”… ”No me!”… ”It’s mine! He said I could have it!… April Fools!”

Disciples at Gethsemane (again) after Jesus is arrested: (Delivery guy comes up)”Here is the pizza you folks ordered. Now who is going to pay for it?” Everyone looks at each other. “Jesus will! He’ll be back in a moment!” Deliveryman: “Oh, him I can trust. I will just give you guys the pizza and wait for him.”

The disciples take the pizza and run off. No one says ‘April Fools.’

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Roger Freed
rfreed has a fertile, if somewhat warped, imagination. Read him at your own risk! More laugh gaffes available at Semi-Humorous Humor.