Mitt Romney Sings “Sexy and I Know It” in Shower

Mitt Romney sings "I'm sexy and I know it" in shower
Hey, throw me the Head & Shoulders, will ya?


A Mitt Romney aid has just leaked some interesting news about the presidential candidate. Seems Mr. Romney’s favorite song while showering in the campaign bus these days is “Sexy and I Know It,” by LMFAO.

“He can’t seem to get the song out of his head,” said Major Harkings, one of Romney’s top aides. “I’m trying to think back when it all started, and I believe it was when Mr. Romney was posing for a photo with some waitresses in a diner back in June of last year and as the photo was being taken, he [Romney] claims he felt a hand on his bottom.”

Harkins claims that Romney has always thought of himself as a sort of ladies man, and this isn’t the first song about sex appeal Romney has been caught singing in the shower.

“Sometimes he’ll change it up a bit and sing ‘I’m Too Sexy’ or Marvin Gaye’s ‘Let’s Get it On” said Harkins.

Harkins and others in the campaign say the imagery that Romney’s latest song choice evokes is sometimes just too much to handle. So much so that it routinely clears the bus within seconds of Romney announcing his plans to take a shower.

P. Beckert