Night Prayer

Night Prayer: a poem

night prayerNow I lay me down to sleep
I pray Trump’s soul the devil keep.
If from his sleep he never wakes
I pray his soul the devil takes.

For evils of his tyrant’s rule
Against poor children, harsh and cruel,
And lack of conscience to back down,
Because the children are all brown.

And may he take Trump’s sycophants
Who all support his lying rants,
McConnell, Sessions and the rest
Whose souls already are possessed.

And take all the Republicans
For backing Trump’s disastrous plans —
Not one their nation’s patriot;
May they all go to hell and rot.

And I will sleep all warm and well
If Bannon goes with them to hell
To find his true deserving fate
Along with Hitler, his soulmate.

Diane de Anda