Trump’s New Books: A Boon to World Literacy

A comprehensive list of Trump’s latest ghost-written new books.

Getting ready for the day he leaves office (which might not be far away), President-Select Trump has a whole host of ghost-written new books ready for publication, to make sure he stays in the public spotlight long after the Oval Office lights fade. (Also to make sure the mullah keeps rolling in; he is getting up there in years, after all.)

Trump new booksHere’s a list of his new books:

Maybe You Can’t Fool All The People All The Time, But I Am Going To Give It a Try Any Way.

The Power of Obnoxiousness — An Awesome Tool To Becoming To Gaining Power And Becoming Really Rich.

As President, I Am The Biggest Winner Of All And You Are All Losers.

How To Pick Up Eastern European Women – CHEAP!

Buying The Presidency — The Biggest Scam I Ever Pulled.

How To Be So Hard-boiled That Even If You Fall Off The Wall You Won’t Break Apart Like Humpty-Dumpty Did.

Next Step After The Presidency– Taking Over From God.

Personal Ethics — The Biggest Detriment To Winning And A Recipe For Losing.

Why Irritate Just New Yorkers When You can Irritate A Whole Nation?

Not Only Is Trump My Name, It Is Also The Card I Pull Most During My Presidency.

Changing America From A Democracy To A Oligarchy Single Handedly.

Former Trump books he has made sequels to:

The sequel to ‘The Art Of The Comeback’ – The Art Of The Comb-back.

The sequel to ‘Great Again’ — Irritating Again.

The sequel to ‘Think Big’ — Think Big Boobs.

The sequel to ‘The Art Of The Deal’ — The Artlessness Of The Schlemiel.

The sequel to ‘Surviving At The Top’ — Thriving At The Top (and being President helps me stay there!).

The sequel to ‘Think Like A Billionaire’ – Do Business Like A Used Car Salesman.

The sequels to ‘Think Big And Kick Ass’ – Think Big And Grab Ass and Getting Others To Kiss Ass.

The sequel to ‘The Way To The Top’ – The Way To The Top Using Money My Dad Gave Me.

The sequel to ‘Trump 101’ – Trump 102, Using The Presidency To Make More Bucks.

Also another sequel to ‘Trump 101’ — Trump 101, Now the Only Class Taught At Trump University.

Roger Freed