That Face… That Kavanaugh Sneering FFFFFace!

What’s with that Kavanaugh sneering face?

Kavanaugh sneering face

I’ve seen it, you’ve seen it; we’ve all seen it over & over – that image where the Judge looks like he’s smelling something really bad!

“Brett, if you keep on doing that – your face will stay that way”!

Every Mom says that & Judge Kavanaugh’s Mom is no different.  You see, as his Hearing Transcript attests; since developing an allergy to Ketchup & Spaghetti – he’s been ‘toilet bowl ready’!

And, you can’t blame him – since high school he admits; he’s been through a Puking War Zone & that alone is cause for that look!

He doesn’t want to admit it but, this stomach weakness has followed him all of his life & he does love his beer & the camaraderie of others who love beer who take idiots delight in Ralphing.

Even though his mother said,

“Just because all your friends jump off a bridge – would you do it too”?

“Not ALL Mom; just Timmy, Mark Judge & fffffFrank”!

Luckily, I wasn’t a Mother of a ‘1st in his Class-soon-to-be Supreme Court Nominee’ – because she had her work cut out for her & still isn’t finished!  So, I feel for her big time.

But, there’s an upside to his snide grimace – he can also detect Truffles!

And, look at it this way, for the good of the country; this grimace may serve him well as one of the Supremes & root-out Ruth Ginsberg’s funky Egg Salad sandwiches!

I should talk – when I was a kid my face froze at Spinach!

Kavanaugh sneering face