Dear Anonymous Sender: Thank You for Your Holiday E-Card

Although I cannot recall where I may have met and exchanged business or V cards with you (or someone from your organization), I am extremely grateful for your listserved holiday e-card that evaded our spam filters and wished me one or more of the following holiday greetings:

  • Holiday E-cardHappy Holidays to You and Yours
  • Seasons Greetings from Me and Mine
  • Happiest of Holidays from Your Fairest of Friends at ___
  • Most Seasoned of Greetings from Your Most Casual of Acquaintances at ___
  • Happy Greetings This Holiday Season
  • Holiday Greetings This Happy Season
  • This Season, Greet the Holidays Happily
  • May You Find Peace and Prosperity in the New Year
  • May Peace and Prosperity Find You in the New Year
  • Stop Looking Over Your Shoulder, It’s Just Peace and Prosperity Finding You
  • Let’s Not Get Hung Up on Hannukah or Cowed by Christmas: Happy New Year!
  • May You Shop Without Lines and Spend Within Budget This Season of Generous Re-Gifting
  • May You Wear Proper Attire to Your Office Party, Neither Too Dressy Nor Too Casual, And Not Insult Your Boss’s Spouse, Even Inadvertently, Like You Did Last Year!
  • Wishing You Health and Happiness, Peace and Prosperity, Wealth and Wassail, and Eggnog and Alliteration Throughout The Holiday Season and Into Q1 of Next Year
  • May The Presents You Receive This Holiday Season Bring Joy to Your Heart or, in the Alternative, Include a Gift Certificate and Free Returns
  • May Your Collection of Playful Christmas Ties, Tights and Sweaters Garner the Compliments – or at Least the Attention – You’ve Been Fishing For These Many Years
  • Cheery Christmas, Chappy Chanukah and a Chummy Chwanza!
Howard Zaharoff