Name Your Poison – A Non-Partisan Designer Drink List

After Mueller’s testimony, we all need a drink. We’re here to help, with the Designer Drink List!

Designer Drink

But, I’m warning you – it’s $1 Pur view…

You don’t have to be a political hound to follow this designer drink list – but you may need a drink after you read it!

We all know a Screwdriver is Wotka with a splash of orange juice – but see what I just stirred up…

a Mueller – A Double anything – Please!

a Barr – Tastes like ‘a Mueller’ but tweaked!

a Trump – Coke & Coke mixed with a White Russian!

a Ted Lieu – Almost, but no Cigar for goodness Sake! (I’m sorry)

Designer Drink

a Pence – Mai Tai is also Red!

a Manafort – Damn – Hair of the Dog in my Bread & Water!

a Papadopoulos – A mouthful but all wet!

a McConnell – Moonshine over Kentucky with a Jigger of Bitters!

a Lindsey Graham – Whine!

a Devin Nunes – 140 Proof of something!

a Nancy Pilosi – Scotch with 2 olive…branches!

a Don McGahn – Ingredients unavailable, MIA or ‘a 404’!

a Jeff Epstein – Sangria, but with under-aged Wine! (I’m sorry again)

a Jim Jordan – Bring Your Own Battle Cocktail!

But, here’s the best part…But, here’s the best part – Hot Air extra!

a Jerry Nadler – Sex on the Beach…

Just seeing if you’re still reading!  ha ha

a Liz Warren – Brains, A Brew & Balls!

Designer Drink

a Biden – H2o with a shot of Benefiber!

a Bernie – Last Call…for a Mint Julip (I’m really sorry)

a Kamala – Champagne with a Salted Rim!

a Marianne Williamson – Seltzer with an Umbrella!

a Judge Kavanaugh – Beer with a Beer Chaser!

a Stormy Danials – Jack & I are like this!

And, a B. Clinton – I’ll have what Jack’s having!

Marilyn Sands