Historic ‘Impeachment Issue’ of the Humor Times: Get Yours Now!

The new year is not complete without it! Order your copy of the “Impeachment Issue” — January’s Humor Times!

The historic “Impeachment Issue” of the Humor Times has gone to press, on the very same day Donald J Trump was impeached. We didn’t plan it that way, but it seems oh-so-fitting!

Humor Times Impeachment Issue coverThe Humor Times (originally titled the Comic Press News) is in its 28th year, so we’ve covered two Democratic presidents and three Republicans. In the 230 year history of our nation, before Clinton, only one had been impeached. That was Andrew Johnson, who followed Abraham Lincoln into office, serving during another very divisive time.

Johnson was impeached because he dared to appoint a Secretary of War (as they were called then) without the required advice and consent of the Senate, among 10 other articles. He avoided conviction in the Senate by just one vote.

Nixon, of course, famously quit before the unavoidable impeachment went though. If he had stuck around, he would’ve been the only president both impeached and convicted.

Now, the modern Republican Party, so centered in moral certitude as it is, impeached Bill Clinton along mostly partisan lines for lying about a blow job.

There were four articles voted on in his case, but only two passed, for perjury and obstruction of justice (basically, for encouraging Monica Lewinsky to lie also). But, let’s remember, it all centered on sex in the Oval Office. Republicans were all indignant about that one!

impeachment issue cartoon
One of the dozens of editorial cartoons in the “Impeachment Issue,” by Tom Toles.

Now comes the impeachment of Donald J Trump. Republicans in a rigid block against this one. Hey, no sex was involved! Merely the solicitation of “a favor, though” from a foreign power to help the president get reelected! And, of course, the little matter of withholding military aid from said government — aid that was appropriated by Congress to help them fight an invasion by a common adversary. In other words, an act threatening our own national security. Nothing to see here! Again, where’s the blow job???

So, yes, there were very good reasons for impeaching Trump — many more reasons than were included in the two articles. In fact, his crimes are ongoing, and a threat to our democracy. Plain and simple. Talk about “SAD”!!!

impeachment issue cartoon
Another cartoon from the January issue, this one by Rob Rogers.

It’s true, these are divisive times for our nation, and that’s not very funny. But the genius of the great editorial cartoonists we publish is that they DO make us laugh, while at the same time providing thought-provoking commentary. And we arrange these many dozens of cartoons each issue into a kind of “news report,” arranging the cartoons by subject, and connecting them with a running narrative.

The result is a hilarious monthly review of the news — a great way to laugh about the news, rather than cry about it! So, on this historic occasion, why not order your copy of the historic Humor Times “Impeachment Issue” today?

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