Future Trump Tweets

Here are some future Trump tweets you’re bound to see, based on a scientific analysis of his historical tweeting habits.

Libraries are a major place for the fake media to place their destructive materials. After all, the very word ‘Library” begins with “lie.” Something to think about.

Future Trump TweetsI am smarter and know more than all our Intelligence Agencies. That fact has been proven out, like for instance when they said that Putin was trying to influence our elections. I told them, “No he isn’t! He is a great friend of mine.” And that shut them up. I am sure they were astonished.

I am so smart that I think I will adopt the title ‘The Most Intelligent Leader.’ I think that sounds right. I will make sure anyone visiting me will use that phrase to address me.

People ask me why I am chums with dictators like Putin and Duerte and Erdogan. That is because they know how to hold a country together. And that is the only thing that really matters. Right? So what if they kill a few people along the way?

Why do I write so many books? That is because I have to make sure people know how great I am. Plus they give me money for them. What two better reasons could there be?

I don’t see anything wrong with me being a President for Life. Think how much tax payer money will be saved from not having an inauguration every four years.

What is wrong with having more than one wife? Mormons do it. Muslims do it. Some of those old guys in the Old Testament did it. You all know how religious a guy I am; so if they can do it, I think it is OK with me getting another wife or two.

I am getting backlash still over things I said during the Obama era. I still have Dems asking me if I am from Mars.

I appreciate all of you my supporters who have been trying to come to Mar-o Lago to visit me. Just please remember to come around to the back door please. Unless you have more than $50 million. Then by all means come ring the front door bell.

A lot of you have been asking why I don’t wear my MAGA hat when I go to meet foreign leaders. That is because they are classy guys and I have to be a classy guy when I am with them. Back here when I am with my fans I can do my regular old blue collar guy shtick.

I would like to build a wall around Washington, D.C. to keep the bad actor Democrats out. And I will make them pay for it.

Many wonder why I support the Israelis instead of the Palestinians. That is because the Israelis have more money and power. Duh!!!!

The reason I am getting a divorce from Melania is because it turns out she is a spy. Remember she is from Slovenia. I turned her in myself. Don’t worry; I will have a new wife in a few weeks.

I think it should be alright to run more than just one country. I want to run for President in Czech Republic because they got these cool castles and I could buy one. Plus they have great looking women!

Roger Freed