[Disclaimer: This is a satirical news piece, just for fun, read at your own risk!]

Worldwide Glut of Artificial Ignorance Traced to Rogue Arm of the Slobovian Secret Service

Artificial Ignorance is undetectable from real ignorance and is often mistaken for artificial intelligence.

This report is part of the Dispatches from SNN (Slobovian News Network) series.

CZ*HRK (this cannot be translated into English), the head of the Slobovian Secret Service, has recently uncovered a plot by a rogue arm of his own organization, which is responsible for the glut of Artificial Ignorance that has afflicted people, IT systems and television sets across the world. The plot has been in effect for at least a decade and is deemed unstoppable.

Artificial Ignorance often mistaken for artificial intelligenceIt is said to be undetectable from real ignorance and is often mistaken for artificial intelligence. It is rumored that both the United States Congress and the British Parliament is infected with Artificial Ignorance.

According to the SSS report, Artificial Ignorance was created by SSS agent Dr. Schitta Nofinger, one of the agency’s most decorated undercover agents and head of it’s PISSE division. Dr. Nofinger is a former Miss Slobovia and has at least 17 degrees in Physics, Chemistry and Math and is a certified NuMbuian Witch Doctor.

The phenomenon dates back to the 12th century in Slobovian lore. The famous Slobovian soothsayer Phoophooboomulous stated that, “Mankind was was born with an original ignorance as well as an original sin… mankind’s innate ability to create his own ignorance will one day overcome him and lead to his destruction.”

Dr. Nofinger is a devout disciple of PhooPhooboomulous and discovered the secret to manufacturing undetectable Artificial Intelligence while doing a LA Times crossword puzzle and watching a 60 year old rerun of Captain Kangaroo.

We at SNN are on Red Alert… it is feared that several of our reporters have been inflicted with malady.

Ted Holland