America’s Colonic Cleansing Apres Trump!

colonic cleansing

In effect, with this long overdue colonic cleansing, we’ll be giving Trump the ol’ heave ho!

Come back here – this is a celebration!  Let’s get this party started – pull my finger!  

The way I see it, it’ll be a 2-way street, ridding ourselves of toxic crap from both ends & what a glorious sight – well, if you take away the visuals!  ha ha

When that glory day comes, in the privacy of our own home & at exactly 12 noon, we’ll do what I call:

‘Collective Colonic Cleansing.’

‘Clean as a whistle’ is what I’m talkin’ about – for every last lie, idiotic tweet & phony signed Proclamation.

Rubbery-legged & wobbly like newly hatched chicks – out we’ll come into a brand new world free of Trump, Inc.

But there’s one thing for sure – ‘Apres Trump’ you & I will take no prisoners – not anymore.

No more Presidential Candidates who owe more than a quarter to a foreign country, make sh_ _ up every day or have a Model wife!

That’s right, we don’t want our President’s wife to look too good in clothes (or without either) – makes our humble ‘Wal-Mart’ duds look shabby.

And, no more playing Footsie with their daughter under the kitchen table – even if you did say you dropped your Sharpie!

No more Porn Star escapades with or without a condom!  Leave that to my neighbor Randy, who definitely needs a new set of Venetian blinds!

No more sons-in-law who Back Channel & claim they could Part the Red Sea just because they once had a Corned Beef on Rye with Russian Dressing.  And, no – he can hold his own Pickle!

No businesses on the side or Stepford children who blurt out family secrets explaining exactly where they get their walkin’ around money.

And, for G-d’s sake – no more narcissism in the White House – leave the ego, hairballs & aloofness to a pet cat!

There will be that time, I promise you. ‘Maybe not today.  Maybe not tomorrow, but soon’.

January 20, 2021 to be exact.  Unless he runs back to get his toothbrush!

colonic cleansing


colonic cleansing


Marilyn Sands