How Covid Made Me Lose My Job… as a Pickpocket!


At 6 feet apart – with this gig, it’s Slim Pickins!

An exclusive anonymous expose on the pickpocket trade during a pandemic.


With Covid – it’s murder out there!

Yes, I’m a Pickpocket!  You thought I was going to say…Hooker, didn’t you?  That’s insulting!

There my friends, is ‘misdirection’ – a Pickpocket’s bread & butter!

I wasn’t always a Pickpocket, I worked my way up.  First, I was a Lookout & Card Bender for ‘3 Card Monte’ Street Game – you gotta start somewhere!

Okay, I paid them!


As a Pickpocket, crowds are what I live for & because of Covid, I haven’t bumped into anyone since…since 2019! 

There’s nothing that takes the place of a good bump – they get befuddled & do my magic!

If you remember you were bumped – it was me!

Without ‘a real bump’ – the only thing I can do is pretend I’m blind & accidentally feel around – but even have scruples!

I also used to ‘blend in’, ‘make a scene’ or ‘ask for directions’ – now if I try to get close, I get stink-eye & a sneer under a mask!

Are you kidding me – when I ask for directions holding a map – I don’t get the usual pointed index finger – it’s a weak middle finger!

Sometimes I don’t even know what they mean with a middle finger up: Trying to hail an Uber, Keeping a nasty cut from bleeding-out or saying ‘Stop Tail Gaiting me, Sucker’!

But my ‘Last Resort’ works every time – warning passersby: ‘Watch out for Pickpockets in this area’!  They’ll feel for their wallet & clutch their pearls & my buddy across the street takes it from there!

Oh sure, I could always do pat-downs at the airport, but that would be so boring.  You can’t keep your nail clippers, poison darts or dildos – but you can retrieve them at your destination if you have the cojones to describe them!

My favorite ‘Picking’ location?  The Order Line at Starbucks! 

That’s right – while contemplating the biggest decision of your life – I heard you can’t feel anything below the waist!

But, maybe it’s just me!

My Kryptonite…


The odds are just frigin’ against me!

Marilyn Sands