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Celebrity Easter Egg Hunt Ends In Gunfire

Dispatches from SNN (Slobovian News Network)

3-year-old rapper BigMonayBabay held an Easter egg hunt like no other, say witnesses.

A celebrity Easter egg hunt on the massive estate of 3-year-old rapper BigMonayBabay erupted into a massive shootout when rival rappers 3-year-old BigBaddeBabay and 4-year-old rapper BadasseBabay and their heavily armed entourages arrived.

easter egg hunt
Kid rapper having a “blast” at the family Easter egg hunt.

The event was held on the 87-acre compound in Beverly Hills owned by BigMonayBabay, whose Babay Food Rap has sold 6.8 million copies worldwide. Special eggs were hidden around the estate. One egg held the keys to a $100,000 Cadillac, one egg held $45,000 in cash and one egg a kilo of baby dope.

Celebrities such as Johnny Depp, Will Smith and rapper Lotta Schitte were on hand.

The trouble began when BigMonayBabay found an egg which offered a date with 6-year-old rapper WhoYoBabay. BigBaddeBabay said that the egg hunt was rigged and pulled an AK47 out of his bulletproof stroller and began shooting. BigMonayBabay returned fire with 50-caliber machine guns built into his souped up stroller.

BadasseBabay fired at both with diamond-handled matching Colt 45’s that fired 600 rounds a minute.

The crowd panicked and fled, and by the time police arrived over 4,000 rounds had been fired and all the shooters had left in their respective private jets.

According to police, everyone in attendance at the event was wearing full body armor, so there were no casualties.

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