Excerpts from Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Presidents’

Excerpts from Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Presidents’
Howard Zaharoff reads (a lot), writes (mostly humor), teaches (occasionally) and practices law (doesn't everyone?). He is the author of "Stump Your Lawyer!" (Chronicle 2007), and his work has appeared in The Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal, Amazing Stories, Computerworld, The Journal of Irreproducible Results, The Annals of Improbable Research and the books Growing Up Jewish (Penguin 1987) and Sex As a Heap of Malfunctioning Rubble (and Further Improbabilities) (Workman 1993), among other places.
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“Pride and Presidents” excerpts, as retold by Howard Zaharoff Chapter 1 It is a truth universally acknowledged, at least among pols and party bosses, that a single man … Read more