Santa for Congress

Santa for Congress
Joel is a native New Yorker, now settled in Tennessee. His published novel, "Dance with the Shadow Machine," is a dystopian story of a society controlled by a computerized banking system. He is completing two non-fiction works, "Solutions for a Naked Country," a rambling perspective on America with solutions for America's problems; "Guns: Guardian of Liberty," a study of the ignored militia in the Second Amendment. Joel has been a guest on several radio shows and has hosted his own local radio show and is developing “Your Fellow American,” a podcast to support his traditional Conservative Politics. He has been published in, and recently in print in The New American. (To learn more, visit his website by clicking on his name, above.)
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Due to global warming, Santa has relocated to Queens, where he’s been offered tax incentives and has launched a “Santa for Congress” campaign. The first verified proof of … Read more