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Feb 232017
 By , February 23, 2017
Wall Street Plowboys Buying Up Farms

Of course, these modern day slavers don’t soil their own soft hands on their farms. John Steinbeck’s novel “Grapes of Wrath.” Woody Guthrie’s ballad “Deportee.” Edward R. Murrow’s documentary “Harvest of Shame.” Every decade or so, the public is shocked by yet another discovery that [more…]

Feb 142017
 By , February 14, 2017

The economic devastation in farm country continues unabated as agribusiness profiteers, Wall Street speculators, urban sprawlers and corrupted political elites continue to set food policy. During the farm crisis of the 1980s, an Iowa farmer asked if I knew the difference between a family farmer and [more…]

Oct 232013
 By , October 23, 2013

Not agri-Culture, just agri-Business: Monsanto As Lily Tomlin has noted, “No matter how cynical you get, it’s almost impossible to keep up.” For example, imagine if a prestigious group announced that this year’s “World Environmental Prize” is being awarded to BP, for its unique contribution [more…]

Dec 192012
 By , December 19, 2012

As we enjoy the traditional holiday season of food-centered celebrations, let’s not only consume, but also reflect on, discuss and consider, what we can do to shape our food culture and food future. We’re presented with two starkly different visions of that future: the industrialized, [more…]

Jul 142012
 By , July 14, 2012
Monsanto Declares All Their GMO Crops Organic

‘We only splice organic genes’ says Monsanto CEO The biotech giant Monsanto today declared that all of their GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) crops are officially organic. “Since we start with only the finest organic genes, anything we do to them is irrelevant. They were still [more…]

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