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Jul 192016
 By , July 19, 2016

Wherein librarians tackle tasks that weren’t in their job descriptions at the library. We librarians are expected to check out your books and answer your reference questions, but we’re often called upon to perform other tasks. A Facebook pal recently asked her fellow librarians: “What [more…]

Jul 152016
Listen in: The Donald Woos VP Choices Just Prior to Announcing!

The Donald plays ‘Who Wants to be a Vice Presidential Candidate?’ By Janet Golden and Roz Warren Donald: Carly? It’s The Donald. I’m sounding out possible running mates. If I asked you to run with me, would you say yes? Carly Fiorina: Grateful for the [more…]

Jun 122016
 By , June 12, 2016

Bone density advice from your prune-eating, leaping librarian For my last annual check-up, I had a bone density scan and got a nasty surprise. Like far too many women my age, I’ve got osteoporosis. “But I walk everywhere!” I protested to my doctor. “I walk [more…]

Apr 282016
 By , April 28, 2016

It turns out that I’m not the only person who dreams about her job at the library. I work at the circulation desk at a suburban library. I recently had a dream in which one of our most challenging patrons apologized for being such a [more…]

Apr 142016
 By , April 14, 2016

For health reasons, I must drastically reduce my salt intake. My sister laughed out loud when I told her that one of the few things I could do about the Meniere’s Disease that I’d just been diagnosed with was to drastically reduce my salt intake. [more…]

Mar 182016
 By , March 18, 2016

You can complain about a headache all you want, but not a vagina itch. One of the worst things about having an itchy vagina is that you can’t really complain about it. If you have a bad headache, or your back goes out, you can [more…]