Breaking: Trump Wins ‘Back Seat Driver’ Award!

Back Seat Driver

Who knew Donald Trump, infamous back seat driver, always liked to be the Designated Driver?!

Not too many people know that before Donald Trump sold Steaks, ran Universities into the ground and became the world’s most infamous back seat driver – he was a Driver’s Ed Instructor!

In fact, his now grown Driver’s Ed students want to share their love & quips for their former Instructor – otherwise known as ‘Grab-The-Wheel-Trump’!

BTW this was way before Power Steering, Seat Belts, GPS, Air Bags & Baby Seats!

MURRY: ‘Who can forget him – he was noted for screaming, “BREAK, BREAK” & then farted!  I did an Impression of him at the Talent Show!  Killed!

back seat driver

EDDIE: ‘He’s all right – he taught me how to drive with one hand on the wheel & one hand under her Blouse’!

BOB: ‘Yeah, he was fun – one day during lunch hour, he drove us to Vegas & came back with 2 Hookers & a roll of Quarters’!

SUSIE: ‘I remember he never rode in the ‘Shotgun Seat’ – he always sat right behind the driver & if we made a perfect U-Turn, he’d kiss the back of our neck’!

SHECKY: ‘Yeah, who cares if he recognized an old friend at the golf course & after he hit the ball he yelled, “Whore”!

back seat driver

JIMMY: ‘So what if he aced his own Driving Test in a Golf Cart & threw Tees like confefe’!

BILLY: ‘Me – I loved tinkering under the hood with Mr. T – one day he pulled out a dead cat & a Jaywalker’!

And, TONY: ‘Trump sure can pick ’em… I heard his wife said she thinks a ‘Stupid Pet Trick’ is when she’s necking in the back seat of a Volkswagen & her Garter Belt get stuck in the gear shift’!

Combination Lock not included
Oh, Combination Lock not included!  haha

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Marilyn Sands