Firsts in History, Part 2: Adam & Eve, Leaf it to Your Imagination!

firsts in history

The 2nd in the series of Satirical Firsts in History that you won’t find in history books!

THE FIRSTS IN HISTORY – According to my Diary, Part 2:

1.  The First Snake Oil Salesman!

2.  The First ‘Snake & Shake’ Franchise!

3.  The First ‘Bite-Me’ T-Shirt!

4.  The First Epi-Pen!

5.  The First ‘Loose Leaf’ Gentleman’s Club!

6.  The First Road Sign: ‘EDEN NUDIST COLONY…1/2 mile’!

7.  The First ‘Nuts, Berries & Twigs Pumpkin-Seed-Crust Pizza’ – see the 1st Yelp Review by Eve!

8.  The First ‘Shark Tank’ Show…(a prolific idea man & frankly a real pest) G-d was finally turned away – Adam said no to ‘A Jock Strap’!

9.  The First ‘Family Feud’ Show…Adam & Eve actually won with this category: ‘NAME SOMETHING YOU’D PRAY FOR’!

A Beer!

Daylight Savings Time!

Phillips Screwdriver!

firsts in history

And #10.  The First ‘An-Apple-A-Day’ PLANNED PARENTHOOD MEETING!

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Marilyn Sands