Comedians ‘No Fly Joke List’

No Fly Joke List

Take this multiple choice quiz to guess what touchy subjects are on comedians’ “No Fly Joke List” and can’t be talked about!

‘No Fly Joke List’ Quiz, Part 1 (part 2 to come in a future post):

Whether it’s a Stand-Up Comic on stage, a scribe on the keyboard or everyday folks shooting the breeze – today, less is more!

Otherwise known as ‘DON’T MAKE ME LAUGH’!

CHOOSE ONE from each list:

A.  Nails
B.  Pliers
C.  Hammers!

A.  Girl Scout Camps
B.  Baseball Camps
 C.  Concentration Camps!

A.  An Outspoken Billionaire 
B.  A Bi-Polar Musical Savant
C.  An Outspoken, Bi-Polar, Shoeless Millionaire Savant!

A.  Adam & Eve
B.  Adam & Eve & Steve
C.  Transgender Bathrooms!

A.  Election Results
B.  Fake Electors
C.  Pregnant Chads!

A.  Hitler
B.  Hitler & Eva
C.  Octoberfests!


A.  A KitKat Bar
B.  Condoms
C.  ‘Twitter’!

No Fly Joke List

Marilyn Sands