Take ‘The World Started Its Downfall When…’ Test

World Started Its Downfall

Take this fun “The World Started Its Downfall When…” Quiz to see if you’ve been paying attention to History or just Pop Culture!

Some might say the world’s downfall started with Sodom & Gomorrah, Social Media or The Macarena, but no – there are so many more to chose from!

Take this multiple choice quiz & send it back to me with $5 – remember, there are no wrong answers!

In my opinion… The World started its downfall WHEN…

A.  They mixed Peanut Butter with Jelly in a Jar!

B.  “Forty Shades of Grey” was published!

Or C.  Kim Kardashian appeared on the cover of  ‘Almost Porn’!

A.  The Birth Control Pill was approved!

B.  John Wilkes Booth got the 1st ‘Tony’!

Or C.  Another Supply Chain Issue – Shortage of Feathers!

World Started Its Downfall

A. Freud peed on the couch when Pavlov’s Dog lifted his leg!

B. Popeye started eating Kale!

Or C. Trump became President!

Hey, don’t stop now – there’s more! Haha

A.  Alexander Graham Bell said, ‘I can’t hear you – let me turn the TV down’!

B.  Condoms came with little papers inside, ‘Inspected by Delores’!

Or C.  Madonna got a Deodorant Commercial!


A.  Kanye West visited the White House!

B.  The Catskill’s Mountain Resorts started serving Bacon!

Or C.  Albert Einstein said, ‘I got this’!


A.  Lady Gaga wore a Dress of Meat looking for gravitas! 

I’m sorry!

B.  Confucius said, ‘I got nothin’!

Or C.  A very angry & pregnant EVE went on Eden’s ‘Shark Tank’ with….


World Started Its Downfall

World Started Its Downfall

Marilyn Sands