Comedian Mel Brooks Interviews King Charles and Her Majesty the Queen Camilla Parker Bowles

When Mel Brooks interviews Britain’s new King, it’s got to be good. Listen in!

Mel Brooks: I have to ask you, Chuck, is it good to be the king?

Mel Brooks interviews King & Queen
Photo: Department for Culture, Media and Sport, PDM-owner

King Charles: (Chuckles) Yes Mel, it’s jolly good to be the king.

Mel: What was it like when they crowned you?

Charles: Well, St. Edwards Crown has 444 precious stones mined by enslaved Indian children during the time of British rule, so it’s quite heavy. Roughly 5 pounds.

Mel. (Whistles) That is heavy.

Charles: My head only weighs 3.

Mel: 3 pounds?

Charles: 3.2 pounds to be exact.

Mel: How do you know what your head weighs?

Charles: Well, as monarch, everything is weighed by the royal physician.

Mel: Everything?

Charles: Yes,

Mel: Ha-ha, I’m sure that’s an exaggeration, Your Majesty.

Charles: No Mel, its true. Even the royal weenie has to be measured.

Mel: No kidding?

Charles: And tonight Camilla will crown that royal head.

Camilla: Oh Charles… (chuckles)

Mel: Speaking of Camilla. You two had some torrid romance for many years.

Charles: Yes, I’ve always fancied Camilla. I like a woman with some girth and a spot of chin hair.

Mel: Ah, that makes sense then. Well, she waited for you for a long time.

Charles: Yes, and believe me I will thank her properly with the royal rod tonight.

Camilla: Oh Charles, stop being so cheeky.

Mel: Ok, ok let’s get back to the coronation.

Mel: You teared up a bit when your son, now Prince of Wales, kissed you.

Charles: Actually, I teared up because the crown was bloody heavy. I’m not proud of it, mummy would not have approved. But I fought it off and kept a stiff upper lip which is actually quite difficult.

Mel: Yes, I imagine the emotions are difficult to control in public.

Charles: No Mel. It’s because I don’t have an upper lip.

Lesley Leben