Alphanumeric Wordplay for the Slightly Inebriated


Recognizable Letters & Numbers that’ll make you scratch your head for more! Scroll down for some Alphanumeric Wordplay.

Alphanumeric wordplay example: E=mc2 – A No-Frizz hair formula OR proof taking Algebra only attracted men like this!

alphanumeric wordplay with Einstein

10 more alphanumeric wordplay examples:

1.  34DD – too big?  Take one D off!

2.  R2D2 – whatever doesn’t fit in your new 34DD bra!

3.  H2O – we buy it by the bottle that comes out of our own faucet!

4.  Q10 – for a game you wish you had a U to go with it!

5.  2BorNot2B – a drunk finding his apartment!

6.  B4 – Just my luck – you have to Buy the Card before you win at Bingo!

7.  With#2UGetEggRoll – Frum Sun Dum Yum Menu!

BTW, my Spell Check Gal is going crazy!

8.  Don77Joe81 – AARP Pickle Ball Scores

9.  $83.3Million – ‘A big amount for just 4 inches’!

If you don’t know that one – you haven’t been paying attention!

And #10…

3XaLady – I think it’s ‘If you wear a dress 3 times you can’t return it’ – 2’s my limit!  haha

Marilyn Sands