ObamaCare (less) – A Poem by Rick Blum

ObamaCare (less)


Rest awhile fellow wonks, and I’ll tell you a tale
of lies and deceit on the harsh campaign trail

In twenty-o-eight a young man and his spouse
rode the healthcare debate into the White House

His idea: mix the market with Uncle Sam’s brain
everyone buys insurance, so we all share the pain

On this simple idea Congress soon did unload
thus the law was written like limp spaghet’ code

Don’t be concerned, Barak crooned midst the strife
if you like your insurance, you can keep it for life

And just as get-rich schemes have too much risk
this pledge too it turned out had a huge asterisk

‘Cause policies bought smartly by folks self-employed
are now getting whacked, health coverage deemed void

Flailing about the Pres tries to backtrack
his signature law ceaselessly catching flack

And though it may one day run smooth and cheap
right now it’s hurtling toward history’s scrap heap

So listen up friends, and this isn’t a hint
when you make a firm vow, disclose the fine print

For if you do not, you’re bound to get caught
and intentions, though good, will all come to naught

© Rick Blum 2013