The Things That Turned Obama’s Hair Grey

Obama’s hair has turned grey, as with all presidents it seems. Here’s why…

obama grey hairThere are many factors within the fray,
that have turned our Presidents hair to grey.
Pundits, done-thats and patriots galore
seek to sabotage him evermore.

These are the things that have turned our fearless leader’s head from black to grey in only five short years:

Having Military Generals whisper to him that ‘they would do a Kennedy‘ on him if he so much as tried to close Guantanamo Bay.

Learning just how much control Cheney still had in Washington after leaving office.

Realizing that almost every Republican in D.C. was going to knee cap him no matter what he tried to accomplish politically.

That the entire gauntlet of conservative think tanks were going to turn their brains inside out to undermine any legislation and concern that Obama had.

That even if he acted as holy as Buddha himself, people were going to find things to fault in him.

That Obama’s enemies were not going to stop at pointing fingers and slandering him but also his wife and children any chance they got.

Knowing that no matter how carefully he acted FOX News was going to be watching and constantly looking for anything to berate him about his entire term.

That he learned that more Americans than anyone thought were color-blind- they cannot see anyone other than a Caucasian running things.

Learning just how little power the President of the supposedly greatest nation on earth has when it comes to dealing with powerful corporations, ambitious and crafty foreign powers, self-centered lobbying groups and fellow countrymen who care only about their own short-sighted agendas.

Realizing just how little true patriotism there is in this country and just how much phony, self serving, demeaning patriotism there is.

Seeing that no matter how much Obama tried to reach across the aisle, his hand would only get bitten.

Realizing how little acknowledgment and respect he would get from isolationists and from ‘us first and only’ Americans for showing concern, regard and humility towards other foreign countries and political entities.

Coming to know even the slightest of scandals in his administration would get blown up way out of proportion to their importance, an example being to compare a regular kids balloon to that of one of Mickey Mouse in the Macy’s parade.

That many ‘loyal, patriotic Americans’ were so-called loyal and patriotic because it was to their financial or status benefit and that they would use their pompous, inflated stature to hit him over the head with it.

Discovering that half the members of the NRA would love to have his head as a trophy on their wall.


Roger Freed