[Disclaimer: This is a satirical news piece, just for fun, read at your own risk!]

‘Catcalling Video’ Woman Harassed by Monthly Period

Soshana Roberts, of the viral catcalling video, reveals yet more harassment women must endure.

Catcalling Video Woman soshanaSoshana Roberts, the actress in the two-minute New York street harassment catcalling video released earlier this week, has come forward once again to claim she has been harassed by her monthly period for at least 15 years.

“The constant cramping every month for 5-7 days is ridiculous.” Roberts said. “I can’t even go swimming or horseback riding like the tampon commercials would have you believe,” she told this writer.

“Men don’t understand how hard it is to go through this every month. The constant chocolate cravings, not being able to fit into my favorite skinny jeans, family and friends not wanting to be near me as my harasser always has me on edge,” Roberts said.

Instead of just sitting around and doing nothing, Ms. Roberts is going to make another video about enduring this type of monthly harassment, and hopes other women will stand with her.

Ms. Roberts told us that she and other supportive women will be checking out female backsides for spots on the streets of New York City and will yell at them if they see anything.


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