Duggar Family Dispels Molestor Concerns

The Duggar interview removes all doubt about the safety of children in their sons care

The Fox News show The Kelly Files interview this week with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar finally put to rest the recent media interest into the facts surrounding their eldest sons foray into sexual activity.

the duggarsThanks to Megyn Kelly, and her stunning ability to bring forth the facts, the conservative followers of this fine family can now sit back and wait for the next scripted episode of real life drama of their lives to be broadcast by the formerly relevant TLC.

Forced to explain their actions during the time of the alleged incidents, the Duggars, the proud parents of 19, were able to eloquently describe the heartache and trauma that they themselves have had to deal with. It was hard to not feel empathy towards this fine example of christian faith while they showed the viewers that the true villain in the entire situation was not their son, or more importantly themselves, but the liberal media who uncovered police reports detailing the alleged crimes.

I felt my own heart being tugged as they explained the nature of their son’s indiscretions, and wondered how many other poor young men have been victimized by the actions of strangers, or their younger siblings. Fortunately, with the strong christian foundation upon which their family is built, they were able to understand that the victim others see are not the true victims. The support and encouragement that they were able to provide to their oldest son will undoubtably help him in all of his future endeavors, and thankfully, prevent him from ever feeling guilt over the actions that he had taken.

The love that they felt for their son during and after this period reminded me of the Baldwin sisters on the Walton’s, referring to the product of their fathers whiskey still as the “recipe”. It is so hard not to be impressed by the ability of someone who has so much faith to discard the destructive activity around them and to be able to minimize the impact so much that you almost feel that Hallmark must make a card for the occasion.

While there is obvious concern for the feelings and trauma experienced by the young children who were the perpetrators of evil upon this outstanding young man, it’s hard to feel sympathy for them after seeing the disregard those closest to them displayed during their sons ordeal.

Thankfully for the Duggars, their support is widespread enough that the thoughts of reasonable people are not a concern. Just the support of close friends, such as the former Gov. Mike Huckabee, will help to diminish any true impact from the story. They can rest assured, when the former governor has finished his latest tour to enhance his own ability to scam money from the less knowledgable, he will be at their side providing them with his personal insight into rebuilding a failed career into something marketable.

Should their much celebrated show eventually return to the ever expanding menu of entertainment that provides nothing but feel good moments, it will be interesting to see how they go forward from this “dark period” in their lives. My guess is that like many in the ultra christian community, that they will never speak of it and only lash out at those who do.

In full disclosure I am not related to Megan Kelly, nor am I blond. I also would not have been able to remember the Walton comment without the help of my currently heavily medicated cousin Colleen. Thanks, cuz!

Mike Kelly