Could All 40 Dead Presidents Roll Over in their Graves?

What would the dead presidents say about so-called president Donald J. Trump? Now you know.

Abraham Lincoln

“Frederick Douglass was a friend of mine. President Trump — you are no Frederick Douglass!”

dead presidentsGeorge Washington

“I’m still pissed — my Inauguration crowd numbers would’ve been way up if it wasn’t for that dishonest Town Crier!”

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

“Let me take that back about ‘Fear itself!'”

Richard Nixon

“Don’t unpack yet, brother!”

Harry S. Truman

“You bet — what we need is another nut with his finger on the Button!”

John Adams

“We had an “Indian Ban” once — but I changed my mind… we needed the blankets!”

John Quincy Adams

“If I could do it — Donald, Jr. can too! Geez, Dad — not that blanket joke again — it’s not PC!”

Thomas Jefferson

“I remember when I put Rhode Island ON NOTICE — “Get bigger or drop off!”

Benjamin Harrison

“I’m gonna give it one last shot — why do we need two Dakotas?”

Ulysses S. Grant

“If I recall, the Bowling Green Massacre came after my war — same muskets from Sears!”

Dwight “Ike” Eisenhower

“I say — send his 2 Gun-Totin’ sons in to fight ISIS!”

Andrew Jackson

“Wait till Trump finds out he’s on the counterfeit $20 bill — ha ha!”

Ronald Reagan

“No more walls or Nancy will decorate them!”

Lyndon B. Johnson

“Hell, why should I roll over — my dog didn’t even do that!”

Herbert Hoover

“Roll over — big deal… I even lift my feet!” (I write ’em — I don’t explain ’em.)

Ben Franklin

“What am I — chopped liver? Okay, I was never president, but everyone thinks I was! My advice: get some funky-ass glasses, dude!”

Alexander Hamilton

“Ben — you loser… I was never president either but you don’t hear me yammerin’ about it… if some of them voted for, you know who… they’ll believe anything!”

And finally…

Theodore Roosevelt

“No wonder Trump didn’t get the Latino vote — it is not… ‘Speak Spanish & carry a soft stick!'”

Marilyn Sands