Making Some CENSE Out of FRANKEN… and Not Just at Christmas

Al Franken probably didn’t expect to be a senator someday

Al Franken

As a former 80’s Stand-Up Comic & a woman, the last time I checked — I can definitively say the majority of Comics are of the male persuasion. 

For men — standing in front of a mic is a Chick Magnet; as we women fall in love through our ears… you know, sweet nothings, a sense of humor, 1/2 Off Sales!

In their defense; all Senators weren’t Comics & not all Comics are Predators — 99.9% just want their own sit-com!

You see, these guys already know achieving humor chemistry with a woman is a heady experience: when a girl laughs she weakens; lowering her body armor & scattering endorphins to locations so remote & cavernous — even TSA Agents are noticing…

“What was it, lady… a One Liner or Slapstick”?

Whether it’s ‘boys will be boys’ or the reason they get up on stage in the first place; at the end of the day… & the midnight show — the guys get off before their last punch line hits the potted plant!

Case in point, Louis C.K. & Al Freakin’ Frankencense — today’s ‘Bad Boys of Comedy’!

Don’t get me started on Bill Cosby; there’s a special place in hell… yada, yada, yada.

Oh, I could go thru all the Comics of yesteryear who may have copped a feel or played tongue tango for a quick thrill — but like Franken; may have only been using them as a prop!  Unless there’s a pattern…

No excuses — but you have to remember; we who write & perform tend to not just think outside the box; but around & underneath the box for jokes & bits — whether they’re sophomoric or not.

Al Franken

I’m not saying that’s what Al Franken did; but I’m sure he didn’t expect to be a Senator someday & be scrutinized or forced to wear a ‘P’ the rest of his life for being a jerk for a mindless minute.

Al Franken

For me, the perfect Trifecta would be if Roy Moore gets kicked to the curb first, followed by Trump & then take out Franken!  But, just as in Horse Racing; our President cannot come in 4th — or we’ll never see the end of him!

“Me too.”  “Me too” is no surprise!  If your body hasn’t been brushed-up against by a Neanderthal in your lifetime — you must live in a cave or a Nunnery!

If we learned anything from this; we can now begin to see there are various degrees of Preverts in all professions — some you can escape from & others you can never forget.

In the future, let’s hope we’ve made some new moral adjustments & treat all our body parts with respect.  As for me — now what am I gonna do with my 10 years-in-the-making TED Talk:

“Guys — Make Her Fall in Love with your Funny Bone”!

Oh well…I guess in Comedy & in life — it’s all about timing!

Al Franken

Marilyn Sands