Trump Battered, Ty Cobb Plays Ball

Ty Cobb promises a ‘Home Run;’ but will settle for ‘a Walk’ if Mueller will accept 2 Tickets behind 1st Base…

Ty Cobb, Trump

As a lawyer, this Ty Cobb must be thinking ‘long game;’ but for us in the bleachers watching the ‘Mueller Probe’ — we’ve had our fill of sore butts, Nachos & Beer Breath!

And, that’s just my Brother-in-law!

No doubt about it, right now, America needs a 7th Inning Stretch or Cheerleaders!

Author John Irving once wrote, “Baseball is a game with a lot of waiting; it’s a game with increasingly heightened anticipation of increasingly limited action.”

That’s right — we don’t go to a Baseball Game because we’re in a hurry — we go to air-out our feet, learn new swear words & get heartburn!

But enough about me!

Catcher, Joe Garagiola so eloquently opined, “Baseball is drama with an endless run & ever-changing cast!”

And, that’s exactly what Trump has given us: a cast of characters who he’s either never met before, been a volunteer or took orders for Covfefe & Prune Danish!

The remainder are in the ‘Fired/I Quit Revolving Door Program’ first hired as Apprentice-Mannequins for show; then tossed aside whenever Trump decides to take his ball home!

I guess this Ty Cobb didn’t remember what Baseball owner, Bill Veeck said: “Get 3 Strikes — even the best lawyer in the world can’t get you off!”

Ty Cobb

But there Ty sits, twirling his Victorian gray mustache; deciding what false hope & happy talk he can placate childlike Trump with each day:

“Don’t worry — you’re no Nixon — he erased tapes!”

“And, you’re no Bill Clinton either – so far, you haven’t had any sex in the White House!

Or… “You’re so rich, you can run to a deserted island; but from what I hear…pay me first!”

That’s all well & good – but I’m going with Baseball’s lovable poet laureate,  Yogi Berra; who always reminds us…

“It ain’t over till it’s over!”

Marilyn Sands