Alec Baldwin Scuffles, Settles Trumped-Up Charges

Through osmosis (or a chemical imbalance), Actor Alec Baldwin once again proved he channeled Donald Trump too well.

Alec Baldwin channeled Donald Trump

And just like Trump, a consummate actor, Alec Baldwin lived his role and took it to the streets of New York.

“Starting a fight over a parking space is child’s play,” said Lookie-Loo Trump in his chauffeured limo sipping a diet coke in a crystal wine glass.

“He does a lousy me & he’s stopping frigin’ traffic.”

“Run over his foot, Mr. President?”

“Why not, he’s failing anyhow.  And, don’t stop; I don’t want him to see our license plate.  That was fun — now where is sissy Stephen Colbert this fine morning?”

“Sir, I think that’s enough mayhem – anyway, he’s going on ‘Live’ on Election Night.”

“Okay then, where’d they park that gloriously decorated ‘White Trump Bomb Van‘ — I feel like a little celebratory self-abuse is in order, if you know what I mean.”

“It’s somewhere under a blue tarp.”

“All the better, I didn’t bring my sunscreen!”

Marilyn Sands