Proudly Presenting Present Presidential and Pundit Political Poetry

Present Presidential and Pundit Political Poetry

Maria Butina Political PoetryMaria Butina, a Russian lass who loves guns
also happens to have a nice set of buns.
So she came to America to use her bootie,
to catch a live one who thought her a cutie.

She likened herself a Soviet NRA
and a modern day Calamity Jane.
A pistol packin’ mama the role she did play
for the infiltration she hoped to gain.

This quintessential, modern day Natasha
was an Eastern Bloc Amazon
said she “Mess with me I’ll bash ya!”
now even for a Russian that’s brazen.

She wanted to join in the band
her Kalashnikov ever near at hand
She even got to meet “The Man.”
Trump smiled and said “How grand!”

She got herself a Republican honey
by wiggling her butt like a Playboy bunny.
But then she got caught by a discerning eye
who ratted her out as a Soviet spy.

So now she gets to sit in jail
being caught with her Red hands red-handed,
Poor girl, Putin won’t put up the bail
“Thrown under the bus!”she yelled rather candid.

– – – – – – – – –

There was a man who was made of gold
and gold was all he loved
for other things in life he was cold
for nature, people, society he was not moved.

When he had more wealth than anyone needed
he cast his eyes about for a new desire.
A call to media he then heeded
and became famous for who he would fire.

Soon even this no longer inspired
and his fans no longer satisfied
with politics he became en-fired,
and insisted he must be gratified.

Millions he invested to this pursuit
Only Presidency would satisfy his ego.
Ruthless he was, the old coot,
and accomplished his goal ergo.

Now as a trophy to his vanity
he rules the nation he says he wants to make great
and along with his watch dog Hannity
he hates, berates, ingrates, and infuriates.

Roger Freed