Top 10 Reasons Why I, Yujing Zhang, Came to Mar-a-Lago Without a Bathing Suit

Bathing Suit

The further adventures of the Dung Dynasty…

A 32-year-old mysterious Chinese woman was able to gain access to Mar-a-Lago with a bagful of Malware technology & insisted she was a Luddite! What’s even worse; she wanted to use the pool without a Bathing Suit!

When she was searched – they found 2 Chinese Passports, 4 mobile phones, a laptop, a computer hard drive, an infected USB drive and $8,000.

bathing suit

President Trump responded on a nearby Golf Course & said, “She’s good – let her in”!

But how did she get as far as she did? 

Maybe, just maybe; she thought the Gatekeeper was Trump when she pushed right through with 10 artful attempts:

10.  “Are you – Moo goo gai pan – extra Garlic Sauce”?

 9.    “AT& P inspecting your wiring!  Got a ladder”?

8.    “I’m your 4:30 Rub up & down”!

7.    “Shirts ready – no Starch”!

6.   “Brought my famous Steamed Buns – you like”?

5.  “Your (between 9 & 5) Spectrum Tech Intern has finally arrived…okay, it’s 4:59”!

  4.  “Let me in, ‘LameDuckSauce Breath’!  Won’t take next slow boat to China”!

3.  “I’m ‘Trump Distraction #6,667”?

2.  “You gotta  remember me:

‘NO Condom – NO Fortune Cookie’!

  And, the #1 Reason I came to Mar-a-Lago without a Bathing Suit…

“You told me I didn’t have to wear one”!

Marilyn Sands