What’s REALLY Trump’s ‘I’ WORD?

White House Rose-Garden-Trump-Interpreters have given up – so here’s your chance to crack the code… What’s really Trump’s ‘I’ Word?

Trump's 'I' Word

Everyone thinks it’s Impeachment; but Talking Heads, Twitterers & unlicensed Mind Readers shouldn’t rush to judgment on what our President means when he mentions the ‘I’ Word!

Trump's 'I' Word

That’s right, uncharacteristically coy; he could mean so many other ‘I’ words that he doesn’t want to say out loud!  

Could it be…

10.   Infidelity

9.   Illegitimate

8.   Immoral

7.   Impostor

6.   Illiterate

5.   Ignominious

4.   Incompetent

3.   Impotent

2.   Idiot, Imbecile, Ignoramus

Or #1… Indictment!

Marilyn Sands