Are These Poems Strange? People Call Them ‘Haikus’ – What? Oh, Gesundheit!

They call them ‘Haikus’ – we call ’em good!

Obama make peace,
progress with Cuba, Iran.
Now will Hulk Trump smash.

trump hulk Haikus
Trump Hulk smash Haikus!

Immigrants sneak in,
quickly come over border.
Texas sink from weight.

Heat wave hit cities,
but now new problem too though.
His name Godzilla.

Migrant camps too full
all want piece of Yankee pie.
Not enough for all.

Democrats abound,
all want be to be the Big Cheese.
Trump cat set to pounce.

Oh, my! What is this?
Kardashian naked pic.
Too much woman there!

Bolton roar like bull,
wants to make fight with all lands
Way too much bull now!

Roseanne mouth too big
suck in entire TV show
now whole career dead.

I say “Hi” to maid.
She think I more than big flirt.
“Me Two” castrate me.