Pompeo Leaving Pompeii!

You’ve heard of the ancient eruption burying Pompeii. It seems that these are “The Last Days of Pompeo!”

Pompeii v Pompeo

In the year AD 79, Mount Vesuvius erupted in fine-grained volcanic ash & buried Pompeii – but one guy got out & told his story…


TODAYSecretary of State Mike Pompeo doesn’t want it to look like he’s jumping ship – but, it does look like he already ordered a Wet Suit!

Yes, even though Mr. P has skirted the issue from time to time; it seems these are indeed The Last Days of Pompeo!  

With Trump’s Impeachment done & done & his Trial a gleam in Nancy Pelosi’s eye; there’s seismic activity in Pompeo’s Day Planner & the makings of the smoothest exit so far!

‘A 2020 Senate Seat in far-off Kansas is a good hide-away for a start’ he mused on Fox News.

‘Subpoena deadlines could never backfire if the Corn stays as high as an elephant’s eye’!


‘Hide?  With your girth – don’t you think you’re an easy target’? Chris Wallace asked snarkily.

‘It’s a bullet proof vest!  But yes, I do love to eat – countries would be offended if I didn’t eat’!

‘My loyalty for Trump works up to a point’ explained Mike to his Mrs. at home.

‘Moving again‘?  She whined.

‘It’ll blow over, you’ll see – you don’t want to visit me & Michael Cohen, do you’?

‘Are you sure you covered yourself’?

‘Honey, I was 1st in my class at West Point – I have a Golden Ticket’!

‘Oh yeah – well, you didn’t take the Trash out yet’!

‘But, you’re so good at it’!

‘No, I can’t leave Melania alone here for the fall’, she pleaded.

‘She’ll be just fine, dear – I heard the Witness Protection Program has a Gucci Store’!

Pompeo and Melania

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