[Disclaimer: This is a satirical news piece, just for fun, read at your own risk!]

Slobovian Sports Legend Unveils New International Sports League

Slobovia hopes to fill the need for competition with the new sports league.

Dispatches from SNN (Slobovian News Network)
new sports league
Well-dressed athlete performs in new sports league.

Baron Otto Von Klanginbangin, who ranks as one of Slobovia’s all time sports legends, is launching a new sports league. He rates as one the best ever turdebacks in Slobovian Horse Hockey, and was the country’s World Champion heavyweight Professional Box Fighter.

The Baron is one of the legendary villains in Slobovian Dung Wrestling history. He won the Schnotzelvakian Elephant Suplexing championship 8 years in a row and he is the only man in history to climb the volcano Mount Krappatoa while it was erupting.

Von Klanginbangin recently appeared on SNN’s popular program Sportscrappe and announced the creation of a new worldwide sports league, the I.F.F.L. (The International Free Flatulence League). It will be the only professional free farting league in the world. He will serve as commissioner and chief brand officer.

The Baron introduced the International leg of the operation, which will include the following worldwide franchises for the new sports league:

  • The Stanck Stancks, based in Stanck, Slobovia
  • The Vancouver Vapors
  • The London Trumpers
  • The Mexico City Velocipads
  • The Moscow Bzunders
  • The Berlin Geschwindigkeits
  • The Rome Rhumpsplitters
  • The Hong Kong Quongbongs

American based teams will play in two divisions. Teamsin the Eastern division are:

  • The New York Gutbombers. Home games will be played at Yankee Stadiun. The Stadium will be renamed Gas-X Stadium.
  • The Boston Blangers
  • The Philadelphia Cheesecutters
  • The Washington Big Winds
  • The Richmond Rumprollers
  • The Georgia Gaspassers
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