A Cursory Rhyme

A poem about Chumpty-Trumpty.

Cursory Rhyme about Chumpty-TrumptyChumpty-Trumpty owned a huge mall.
Chumpty-Trumpty built a Great Wall.
All Trumpty’s Cannons, and all of his Bannons,
Can’t stop poor China from killing us all.

Chumpty-Trumpty erected a fence.
Chumpty-Trumpty spent his last Pence.
All Trumpty’s rages, and all of his cages,
Can’t stop poor people from seeking entrance.

Chumpty-Trumpty cancelled the post.
Chumpty-Trumpty told the mail to get lost.
All Trumpty’s hustle, and all of his muscle,
Can’t stop poor Trumpty from soon being tossed!

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