My Own Private Jeopardy

This may be the author’s Private Jeopardy, but you too can play along! Cover up the answers and make your guess, then find out if you’re close.

Of course, you must phrase your Private Jeopardy responses in the form of questions!

private Jeopardy


private Jeopardy

Who are his children?


private Jeopardy

What are sexual assault lawsuits brought against FOX News anchors?


What is a game of Fuck, Marry, Kill that the GOP took a little too far in 2020?


What was a major influence for Melania Trump‘s renovations of the White House Rose Garden?


What are five things Trump cares about listed in reverse order?


What are three things my wife has threatened to kill me with?


What is one thing I learned about myself while putting together this article?

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