What Was in Andrew Cuomo’s New York Care Package to Trump?

‘Governor Cuomo sent President Trump a care package filled with iconic New York foods.’ – Time Out New York.

New York care package
Andrew Cuomo sent a New York care package to Trump.
  • Sbarro’s pizza
  • Knicks tickets
  • A mariachi band and it’s Showtime! in one car on the F train
  • Tickets for Stomp! in 1998
  • The Naked Cowboy’s out of shape cousin Phil Cowboy
  • An open mic night, but all the male comedians just started listening to Joe Rogan’s podcast yesterday
  • Musical theater majors living upstairs
  • A conversation with someone who kayaks in the Hudson River
  • Food from Trump Grill in Trump Tower
  • A resident of Park Slope
  • The guy who blocks an entire aisle at The Strand reading a Jay Leno biography, knowing he’s not going to buy it
  • Someone who used to live in New York ten years ago
  • An audiobook of Rudy Guiliani’s biography, read by Rudy Guiliani
  • That creepy guy hanging around outside the bathrooms in Radio City Music Hall. You know, because of the art
  • The Mister Softee jingle performed by Maroon 5 on loop 
Kristopher Wood