[Disclaimer: This is a satirical news piece, just for fun, read at your own risk!]

Demented Voters See Trump as One of Them

A recent poll found that Trump had an 18-point advantage over Joe Biden within the demented voters demographic.

“Having Dementia doesn’t mean you can’t vote,” said Kristina Anderson, whose father is in the late stage of the disease. A recent poll of demented voters found that Trump had an 18-point advantage over Joe Biden. Asked what appealed to them about Trump, these individuals cited his relatability.

Demented voters like Trump

“We’re seeing that these voters feel a comradery with the President. He really gets them,” a source close to the Trump campaign said.

“In Trump, my dad recognizes someone who gets flustered when asked questions, a man who looks disoriented, someone prone to outbursts. It’s all very familiar to Dad,” Ms. Anderson said.

The Trump campaign put out this statement: “We’re now focusing our efforts on impaired voters. We’ll be going to nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and stroke units across the country. We feel we can benefit from a population that has forgotten about the pandemic.”

Lesley Leben