The Waiting Game: The Election Results Need to Come to a Head

Waiting Game

The waiting game for both pregnancy terms and election results is the same, or at least it can seem that way!

My second baby was a week & a half late!  As any pregnant woman playing that waiting game can attest – that’s forever in election years!

Nine months plus overtime!

The doctor said it’s a large baby & can only get larger.  Oh goody! 

I saw his scribbling: ‘Baby’s fine – Mother is delirious & speaking in tongues’!

During the wait for both pregnancy terms & election results; we may have visions of being in this same condition for the rest of our lives or it just seems that way!

This phenom is called ‘Waiting For Gestation’ or ‘How’d We Elect Trump in the first place’!

‘Don’t worry’, the docs say – ‘No one ever goes more than a year’.  Well, I & the rest of the world have waited 4 years!

Just so you know, in the coming days of waiting – we may experience Heartburn, Shortness of breath & Nipple changes.  But ‘the will to live’ is trailing!

If you’re male & in a 6 foot radius – I have to warn you not to mention any nipple irregularities! 

You’re welcome.

You can’t get thru a door, see your feet or pick up the newspaper saying, ‘Trump Still Not Winner Yet’!

‘Where’s my waist, my belly button, my ‘Volvo’? said the late great Robin Williams in the hilarious movie, “Nine Months”!

Robin Williams

How’d we get pregnant or in this mess in the first place?  Well, they say, escalators had something to do with it. 

I never passed ‘Sex Ed’ – give me a break!

“We’re Pregnant”, say the husbands.  No, you are not!

Are you kidding me – when you’re constipated & backed up for 2 days; you call 911!

But, we shouldn’t be surprised at the length of time it’ll take to declare a winner for President!

After all, Elephants deliver in a year & a half & they never seem to complain about the nervous tic or the weight they gained during the wait!

Waiting Game

BTW: My Baby’s grown & still fine & never, ever late!

*If Biden wins unequivocally November 3rd – feel free to line your Bird Cage with my article!

Marilyn Sands