Nicknames for The Donald

Karma: it’s time to dole out nicknames for the guy who’s always coming up with derisive nicknames for others.

Back in 2016, Michelle Obama appealed to our better natures by saying “when they go low, we go high.” It’s been a rough four years but, for the most part, many of us continued to play by that rule.

trump nicknamesBut now that the never-ending election is over, don’t you think it’s fair that we should finally be able to take a few shots? After all, we’ve put up with almost half a decade of the lowest of the low with Donald Trump as president.

He incessantly employs juvenile bullying tactics. He’s a womanizer and a racist. He’s a liar and a cheat. And most annoying of all, he labels his opponents with silly nicknames. So now that Trump’s reign of error is over, let’s have a little harmless fun and dole out a few nicknames of our own to him and his supporters.

CNN reported that counties hosting Trump rallies often show a significant subsequent rise in cases of COVID-19. It seems that wherever he goes including the White House, Donald Trump really is super as in a super-spreader. Thus, like Typhoid Mary, it’s time to give full credit to COVID Donnie.

Remember some years ago when fake rightwing pundit Stephen Colbert coined the word truthiness meaning truth based on intuition rather than facts? Well, who better than the all-time presidential liar to adopt the name Truthiness Trump or more accurately, in his case, Truthless Trump.

The man who promised to clean up Washington, D. C. turned out instead to be one of the biggest White House grifters ever as in Swampman Trump. Given that Trump’s family is in on the scam, maybe we should instead call him Mafia Don.

The only thing genuine about Donald Trump is his consistent lying and inability to admit wrongdoing. He claims to be a super-successful, hyper-intelligent businessman yet is anything but. All hail Phoney Donnie.

Trump is the only modern day president who refused to release his income tax returns. On top of that, it looks like those returns will reveal a lot of shady deals with potential criminal consequences. That’s why he has definitely earned the sobriquet Tax Dodging Donnie.

There are plenty more nicknames for Mr. Trump as in Dumb Donnie, Viral Don, Cheatin’ Donald and Be Best Trump. And let’s not forget about his gaggle of enablers like Crazy Rudy, Money Bags Mitch, Butt-kissing Lindsey and Mike Pence, the Man from Sad.

This name-calling may not be mature or high-minded but after years of tolerating Trump, it’s a nice little gift we can give ourselves for a couple of months. After that, it’s down to work to repair four years of damage caused by The Horrible, No Good, Terrible Trump.

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