This is Your Brain on Aphorisms: Presidential Tantrump

Donnie’s throwing yet another presidential tantrump.

presidential tantrump
Sad! Yet another presidential tantrump.

Trump wants votes that are left uncounted.

We are nitwitnessing a historical presidential implosion.

Reality: Like it or unlike it.

No concession, just con sessions.

The president’s election lawsuits are DOA, and suffer from “rigger” mortis.

At last Trump voters know what it’s like to be in a minority!

Failure fired!

Trumpism is a differ-cult.

Nay-sayers no everything.

Those with no respect for others will always hate democracy.

Beware the vigilant tea party.

We need to observe a ban on hate, not a Bannon hate.

Racism: A seething hotbed of dirty white cheats.

Hell’s a pitiful place to end up.

Free Wi-Fi? I didn’t even know he was in jail!

Go on a diet if you’ve got nothing too loose.

There’s no business like cannabis-ness.

Seeds of the past feed dreams of the future.

Wish you were beer.

Ralph Lombard