This is Your Brain on Aphorisms: Zero Tolerance for Racists

The racists grew some hate.

Trump suffers from post-Obama trauma.Zero Tolerance for Racists

When anger boils over it becomes hate.

How is being a racist not racist?

A cruel tea party is running this White House.

Trump’s strategy: Pandering to debase.

White “nationalists” tweet hatred, white and blue.

Black Lives Matter, because no one should have to race for their life.

Our cops runneth over… civil liberties!

Slaves celebrate what freed ’em?

Immigrants are being terror-ICEd by racists.

Fox news constantly steps over the southern border lyin’.

Unfortunately, Republicans can Nazi anything.

Those that deserve a good, swift kick usually get it in the end.

And the angry man livid unhappily ever after.

Any publicity is good publicity, unless it’s your obituary.

Old blue jeans never die, they just fade away.

We are all the beneficiaries of God‘s will.

Science physics what’s the matter in the universe.

An ill wind blows. It snows.

Ralph Lombard