The Jerry Duncan Show Interviews Dr. Doolittle and Sarah Palin

The Jerry Duncan Show Interviews Dr. Doolittle and Sarah Palin
Dean B. Kaner is a playwright and screenwriter, having co-produced and co-written plays for the stage with performances in New York City, Chicago, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Boston, Detroit, Phoenix and Memphis. Check out The Jerry Duncan Show on YouTube, as well as on Instagram, and the sketch comedy A Bit of Biden (on Instagram) and at @abitofbiden on TikTok.
Dean Kaner

Wherein our intrepid talk radio show host interviews veterinarian Dr. Doolittle and his sister Sarah Palin. ANNOUNCER Live from under a rock in your backyard, it’s The Jerry … Read more

Silent Noodles, Swimming Pools and the ACLU: What I Learned from Magazines this Week

Roz Warren Roz is the author of Just Another Day At Your Local Public Library and Our Bodies, Our Shelves: A Collection Of Library Humor. She writes for The New York Times and The Funny Times. Her work also appears in Good Housekeeping, The Christian Science Monitor, The Philadelphia Inquirer and of course, the Humor Times. Connect with her on Facebook, follow her on Twitter or visit her website.
Roz Warren

Among the wisdom dispensed by magazines this week are these gems: The correct term for mobile phone separation anxiety is nomophobia. (Time. 9/4/17) Henry David Thoreau was fond … Read more